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This is a community for mixmasters and mix-makers, hipshakers and hip-makers, aficionados of the perfect playlist, prophets of the new sound, and denizens of Coolsville. Namely, though, it's a place to discuss your works-in-progress and ask the timeless question, "What do I follow Frank Sinatra's "My Way" with?" (A: Nothing. No one is worthy to follow the Chairman of the Board. Always put Frankie Blue Eyes at the end of your mix, or not at all.) (Note: Rules are made to be broken.)

More specifically, this is a community for theme-obsessed mixers. Whether your theme of choice is songs about time travel, bands that have been on Sesame Street, electro covers of synth classics from the '80s, or female singers who have overdosed on drugs, we're here to help. Want to discover more songs about pirates? educational songs? the best songs of 1998? we can help.

(Moderated by coyote23, the Letter M, and the number 3.)